9 Stunning Necklaces And Pendants That Can Be Worn Anywhere

A necklace is an ornamental chain or jewel that is worn around your neck. Meanwhile, the pendant is a piece of loose hanging jewelry which is attached to the necklace to make it more exquisite. There are many types of necklaces and pendants and you need to know which one to choose and to wear for the right occasion. Today we will list 9 stunning necklaces and pendants for you.

1) Bold Herringbone chain necklace

Add some herringbone to your collection with this necklace that comes in 2 lengths so you can solo or double it.

* Comes in gold and silver
* The width is 5mm
* Made with 18k solid gold on sterling silver

2) Layered opal necklace

These two stunning chains bounds with AAA quality cabochon cut opal pendant.

* Comes in a combination of 2 colors
* The width is 1mm
* The gemstone size is 4mm

3) Baguette diamond bar necklace

This bar necklace comes with five baguette diamond which is handcrafted in 14k solid gold.

* The chain length can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches
* The pendant size is 14mm x 2.6mm x 1.35mm
* The total carat weight is 0.20

4) Bold pearl necklace

This fresh-looking pearl necklace is made with 18k gold vermeil and freshwater pearls.

* Comes with 25 to 28 freshwater pearls
* Pearl size is 9.5 to 10.5mm
* The length is 16 inches

5) Dot chain necklace

This stacker gold comes in recycled 14k solid gold.

* No of the discs is 9
* Disc width is 3mm
* Length is 16″ to 17″

6) Engravable tag necklace

Can be put alone or stacked and can be engraved.

* Pendant size is 6.5mm x 10mm
* The engraving font is Segoe UI
* Can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches

7) White sapphire trio necklace

This trio pendant features a monochromatic sapphire scenario

* Comes in yellow gold and white sapphire
* pendant size is 4.5 mm x 9.2mm
* Comes with 2 years warranty

8) Zodiac necklace Virgo

For those with the Virgo zodiac star and it looks minimal and cool.

* White sapphire is AAA quality
* Can be adjusted from 20 to 22 inches
* The pendant diameter is 1.5mm

9) Ruby sphere pendant

Comes with Ruby the birthstone of July.

* The stone size is 3.5mm
* The diameter is 6mm
* The bail size is 5 x 7mm

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