6 Best Cell Phones To Buy Right Now

There are tons of cell phones available right now on the market. You can find old models and newly released ones. With these lots of options comes a struggle in choosing which one is the best for you. First, look at your budget and then enumerate the features that you want for a cell phone. Prioritize the battery capacity or quality of the camera if you want to use it to work or at school. Here are 6 cellphones to buy right now.

1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

You already know the reputation that iPhone holds when it comes to smartphones. They are the top tier. Almost everyone desires to have at least a device with the logo of Apple on it. Apple has the best camera, especially its 13 Pro Max. This model is also the most durable and has the best battery life.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, chances are, you have also wanted to own one of these. Samsung is a great brand for cell phones. Their phones have also the best camera even better than those iPhone devices. This is a flip phone which means that you can fold the screen which is another great feature of this phone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S22+

Samsung offers a lot of great cell phones including the S22+. It’s the latest model which means that it’s packed with great and updated features. The phone has a sleek design. This is also available in different colors including pastel colors. At the back of the phone are three cameras arranged vertically.

4. Blade X1 5G

This phone is equipped with four cameras to give you high-quality pictures and videos. It is also 5G to give you a super-fast internet connection wherever you go. It has a 6.5″ full-screen display. It also features ultra audio so you have the best gaming and entertainment experience.

5. Motorola Edge 2022

Motorola is another great brand so don’t ever underestimate it. Their cell phones also have great battery capacity making them long-lasting with just a single full charge. This has a 50MP camera system with autofocus that is super accurate. This is capable of wireless charging which is cool.

6. Google Pixel 6a

Yes! Google also releases its phone model. This phone is the most affordable Google phone on the market today. Its battery lasts up to 72 hours which is equivalent to three days. You are also secured using this phone because it already comes with a built-in security feature.

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