7 Properly Structured Writing Classes

Writing is an art and you need the right guidance to learn this art perfectly. However, the internet is full of writing lessons. But, very few lessons are created with easy steps.

Below you will find 7 writing courses that can teach you the real way of writing impeccably. So, read the list.

1) Art of Story Telling (Neil Gaiman)

Good character creation and new idea creation will be taught in these classes. He is an award-wining writer and he has got 19 videos in this course. So, learn – how to create captivating stories.

2) Learn Poetic Thinking (Joy Harjo)

Poetry means finding the right words to express your profound emotions. Now, you can learn from her the process of thinking and creating heart touching lines.

3) Think Outside The Lines (Issa Rae)

When you create something big, you always have to venture outside the lines. Hence, Issa will teach you – how to step outside the lines and build a story that never fails to catch attention.

4) Television Writing (Shonda Rhimes)

She has written some highly successful television series. Now, you can learn all those tricks to write high-quality television series. You will get 28 videos in this course.

5) Drama Writing (David Mamet)

An international prize winner Mr. Mamet will teach you plot creation, character creation, and in-depth drama writing skills. Hence, don’t miss his classes.

6) Thriller and Mystery Writing (David Baldacci)

If you want to write the best-class thrillers, then you shouldn’t ignore this course. The author has written 38 novels and he knows – how to craft enigmatic thrillers.

7) Writing For Young Audiences (R. L. Stine)

Sometimes you need to draw the attention of young audiences. In that case, there is no better person than Mr. Stine to teach you about the mind of young audiences.

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