7 High Quality and Durable Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are a must when you explore the vast outdoors. When you go camping or fishing a knife can help you cut meat, vegetables, fruits, thick fabrics, and many more. The pocket knife must be durable enough to last for years. It also must be of high quality so that it’s effective in cutting through tough materials. Here are 7 knives that you can go for.

1. Skeletool KBX Knife

This knife is perfect for those with small hands. If you only handle small tasks like cutting ropes this is the best knife to do the job. It’s very handy and it also comes with a bottle opener.

2. Free K2 Knife

This is a folding pocket knife. The handle has a black finish so you immediately know where to hold it. Aside from that feature, the knife also has 7 other purposes. It can also be a pry tool, package opener, bottle opener, etc.

3. Free K4X Knife

This knife features magnetic architecture that eliminates wear and friction. This makes it durable so it will last for years. It also comes with 8 other tools. It can be a scissor and a screwdriver.

4. Free K4 Knife

This knife is another upgraded version. It can be folded. The handle is much larger than the blade. This way, when you fold the blade it will be kept inside the handle. The handle serves as a case.

5. Free K2X Knife

This features a 3.3 combination blade. The case of the blade which is also the handle is aluminum steel. The knife also comes with 7 additional tools including a pry tool and a screwdriver.

6. Crater C33 Knife

This is another cute knife that can fit inside your small pockets. It’s also thin and very handy. The handle has a black finish. The knife is lightweight and very affordable. It also features a bottle opener.

7. Skeletool KB Knife

This is perfect to have if you always go camping in the woods. If you are hiking using a rope, this blade can cut through thin and thick ropes. It’s very handy and lightweight. It also comes with a bottle opener.

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