3 Most Comfortable Mattresses to Improve Your Sleep Comfort

Sleeping comfortably is one of the most important things in life. The quality of your sleep can determine how you feel on a daily basis, so it is critical that you get the best mattress possible. If you do not get enough and/or poor quality sleep, you can feel sluggish and not perform as well throughout the day. Sleep is a complex process. Each person’s sleep is different. One person may wake up in the middle of the night, while another may wake up early in the morning and not be tired until early afternoon. Sleep quality is also dependent on how your mattress supports your body as you move around at night. Better quality mattresses support your body weight better to help better minimize movements throughout the night that may cause discomfort.

1. Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattress is a great mattress to help you improve your sleep comfort. First, Puffy is incredibly comfortable. They use a variety of different foam, including open cell memory foam that conforms and molds to your body shape. The cover material is also smooth and soft for an extra level of comfort when moving around in bed. Puffy also offers 2 levels of firmness: Lux Hybrid Firm and Royal Firm.

2. Puffy Lux Hybrid

Puffy Lux Hybrid is even more comfortable than Puffy. First, the material Puffy Lux Hybrid is made of results in a mattress that feels as comfy as an air mattress without having to constantly pump it up. Second, it comes with a soft knit cover material that offers an extra level of comfort when moving around in bed. Third, the CoreSupport technology used by Puffy Lux Hybrid helps you sleep cool while you sleep.

3. Puffy Royal

Puffy Royal is the best mattress for people who need a little extra support. It comes with a Firm Core Support and a WonderFoam that provides hold. The BambooTop cover material also helps you sleep cool.

If you are looking for a comfortable mattress that will improve your quality of sleep, Puffy mattress is a great choice. First, Puffy mattress is made with special foam that conforms to your body shape and molds to the curves of your body. Second, you can choose between their 2 levels of firmness.

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