Tableware You Should Add to Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, there are a lot of easy ways to add personality, comfort and style without breaking the bank. These days, one of the best ways to do this is by shopping for vintage tableware on sites like Etsy or eBay. Here are inexpensive but great tableware pieces you should add to your home as soon as possible.

1. Full Plates

Plate and dish sets can be very useful in everyday life, but you’d be surprised at how many of them are underutilized. I have a dozen plates in my cupboard and I use maybe half of them on a regular basis. This is because most people eat around their TV trays or on the coffee table, not at the table. If you want to get the most use out of your pretty plate set, hang them on the wall at eye level.

2. Midi Plates

I love midi plates. I use them to serve pasta and serve as a breakfast plate at my house. They are smaller than a regular dinner plate, but they are still large enough to fit food on them. You could easily get six servings out of one plate with the right portion sizes.

3. Demi Plates

Demi plates are essentially small side dishes. You can give four or five people a different topping on their own plate and then you’ll have one serving of the main dish. They aren’t terribly useful for dinner parties (unless you’re serving an appetizer-focused buffet), but they make an excellent addition to home decor.

4. Midi Bowls

These bowls are the perfect size for sides with a small amount of texture like fried green onions, boiled eggs and popcorn. Cooking with them is really easy, but they can also double as serving bowls when you’re entertaining friends.

5. Demi Bowls

Demi bowls are the same size as demi plates, but with an inverted bowl shape. They are only good for soups and side dishes. You can’t serve a main dish on them unless you’re serving an appetizer-focused buffet, so I suggest hanging on to these for your parties and dinners.

6. Night + Day Carafe

I really like carafes because they hold a lot of liquid and normally don’t drip when you pour. This one is great because it has two different lids that help you pour or serve wine at different speeds depending on which lid you use. The small lid slows down the flow of wine so that you can taste the finer notes without getting a full glass’s worth in your mouth.

7. Night + Day Glasses

I love this glass for the same reasons I love the carafe. It’s beautiful, durable and different versions of it can help you taste wine in different ways depending on how you drink from it. Wine experts really like this glass because they can taste the wine without getting a large amount in their mouth, which allows them to identify flavors they couldn’t before.

8. Night + Day Mugs

These mugs are really cute and I really like the way they look. They are also good for measuring and holding warm drinks, as well as cold beverages because you can use them to keep your drinks cool all night.

9. Gather Platters

Gather platters are an awesome way to serve food at the table. They bring out the warm and inviting feeling of sharing a meal with others while also enabling you to control exactly how many portions each person gets.

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