Add a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom With These Bed Linings!

Creating your own bedroom space is important because it’s a place that should feel unique to you and not like any other room in the house, from the linens on your bed to the rugs on your floor. Even though linens may seem like an afterthought compared to other accessories, they have an incredible effect on how much rest you get while sleeping at night and how refreshed you feel during the day. If you’re looking to spruce up your bedding, these bed linings are just what you need.

1. Percale Sheet Set

There are a lot of different types of sheets out there, and one of the hottest ones right now is percale. Traditional sheets were made from linen, and linen works great because it’s lightweight and cool, making it perfect for summer nights. Because it’s light and cool, however, it also tends to be more prone to wrinkles. Percale sheets have a crisp texture that eliminates the need for ironing so you get a fresh-looking sheet every day without taking time away from your other daily tasks at home.

2. Percale Flat Sheet

Often overlooked is the flat sheet. The flat sheet creates the base of your bedding, so it often gets taken for granted as a simple part of the bed. With a percale flat sheet, however, you can create a crisp and fresh looking bed every day without having to worry about ironing or trying to get rid of wrinkles.

3. Percale Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet goes over the box spring and, of course, the mattress. Traditionally, they were made from cotton and tended to bunch up in the middle after a few uses. Percale sheets are much lighter than traditional cotton sheets and are able to stay in place without bunching. They’re also easy to use because you don’t need to worry about them stretching or wearing out over time.

4. Percale Pillowcase Pair

Utilizing a percale pillowcase is another way to add a crisp and fresh look to your room. Whether you’re using the pillowcase during the day or at night, you have a percale sheet right underneath. The result is a cool and comfortable sleeping experience every time you go to bed.

5. Sateen Sheet Set

Sateen sheets are traditional and have a luxurious feel. They’re made from cotton and have a satin weave that makes them look smooth to the touch and incredibly soft when you lay down on them at night. The result is an incredibly comfortable sleeping experience that leaves you feeling refreshed throughout the day no matter how long you were out.

6. Sateen Flat Sheet

The flat sheet doesn’t have to be just a plain white sheet that covers your mattress. A sateen flat sheet gives your bed a luxurious feel and looks great on display in your bedroom. The smooth weave and satin sheen of the sateen sheets make it look like you can lay down on the sheets even if you’re not ready for bed.

7. Sateen Pillowcase Pair

Over the last few years, beds have become more and more diverse in terms of pillowcases. The pillowcase is often overlooked because so many people wash their sheets every day, but a quality vinyl or microfiber pillowcase can really help you get a fresh look every morning.

8. Naples Dotted Stitch Sheet Set

Sheets can take on a new look in just a few extra steps. Adding stitched details and small embellishments to your bedding not only helps it stand out but also adds another layer of texture, giving your bedding a more luxurious feel.

9. Cotton Cashmere Sheet Set

Cashmere is an incredibly soft and luxurious fabric that can be used for many things. It’s often used as a blanket or a scarf because it feels so good against the skin. You can feel great about laying on these sheets, too, because you know that cashmere and cotton blend together to create a smooth and soft sheet that makes sleeping at night feel like a moment of pure luxury.

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