Accessories that Will Make You Look Like a Fashionista

Are you ready to rock the fashion world? Of course you are! One way to do this is by incorporating these 7 accessories into your look as often as possible. Not only will your wardrobe be brought to the next level, but you’ll feel like a million bucks too! Here are the top accessories that every fashionista should own.

1. Sactionals StealthTech Power Hub

This power hub is a must have! It gives you the ability to charge all of your electronics with one outlet. Not only is this smart, but it’s also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t create additional waste.

2. Sactionals Guest Rest Bedding Kit

Seriously, this is a must have! You can never have too many pillows and blankets on hand when you’re traveling. This keeps you refreshed and ready to take on the world.

3. Sactionals Coaster: Weathered Ash

You don’t have to keep your drinks still. That’s just messy! Instead, use a coaster/freezer bag to contain them if needed. It’s easy and you won’t have to worry about spills.

4. Sactionals Coaster: Dark Walnut

The same concept applies to this coaster. Because you don’t want your furniture to get ruined by your water! It can happen easily, but this is a good way to curb the damages.

5. Sactionals Coaster: Hickory

Get the taste of wood without the mess! This set includes a walnut and hickory color. What’s great about these is you can use them as a coaster, but also as a pencil holder! What a great way to spice up that boring table on your desk at work.

6. Sactionals Drink Holder: Weathered Ash

You don’t want to waste water or your money on ice when you could just use one of these! Put these in strategic locations around the house such as the kitchen counter, living room and bedroom.

7. Sactionals Drink Holder: Dark Walnut

The same concept applies to this piece. Put it in strategic areas around the house such as the kitchen counter and living room.

8. Sactionals Drink Holder: Hickory

This tumbler is great because it has a straw that allows you to sip your drink and then put it upright which prevents spills when going in and out of the cup holder in your car. Also, the straw can be removed if needed.

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