6 Most Fashionable Seats + Sides to Add into Your House

When it comes to your home comfort, sitting is an important aspect. If you’re seeking a new seat to lounge in, or even as a centerpiece for your home, here are some fashionable seat + side that might just be what you need!

1. 1 Seat + 1 Side

This seat and side combination can be used as a sofa or for extra seating for the occasional guest. It is also possible to use it as a chair by inserting a chair seat into the opening of the side. The top surface of the side becomes an armrest, and there is enough room to keep your favorite book or beverage right at hand!”

2. 1 Storage Seat + 1 Side

Pairing up a storage seat with a side is an excellent way to maximize seating while using minimal floor space. They can be used as chairs or sofas. The storage seat compartment can be used to store anything from magazines to blankets, pillows and even books. Even if the boxes are not being used, it is possible to close them up and use the surface as extra seating.”

3. Sactionals Seat Insert & Cover Set: Standard

Sactionals is a new offering from LoveSac. This modern modular seating solution provides the opportunity to customize a growing variety of seating arrangements that can be used for seating, nesting and use as storage. All pieces are equipped with the Sactionals patented seats, which are modular units that range in size from three inches to seven inches in diameter and include an adjustable shoulder height at their highest point of 3.5 inches.”

4. Sactionals Wedge Seat Insert & Cover Set

This variant of the Sactionals modular seating system includes a seat insert and cover that is configured in a wavy “W” shape. In combination with a Sactionals side, the wedge-shaped seat insert and cover set is perfect for two persons to sit on at once. In addition, it can be used as an extra seat to put around a coffee table or for more people to sit on during times of company.”

5. Sactionals Deep Side Insert & Cover

Pairing an Sactionals side with an Sactionals seat inserts and cover will encourage conversation during readings or in other group opportunities. If one is not feeling well or is not interested in reading, one person can use the seat insert and cover to lean back and read while someone else uses the side insert.

6. Sactionals Storage Seat Insert Set: Standard

This features a one-sided storage seat and cover set with a sliding storage compartment where you can store blankets and pillows. The box shape provides another seating option.

Since the introduction of the Sactionals seating system, it has received positive feedback overall. Initially, it was hard to create new seating arrangements with the new modular pieces, but that has now been solved. All you have to do is use any side with a seat insert and cover – everything else is interchangeable.

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